Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The ABC's of being a Pirate

Happy international speak like a Pirate day! In honor of this day, I dressed my boys like pirates and we've been saying Arghhhhhh a lot. B is actually quite good at it. J keeps telling me that pirates say OH! 

Isn't this little pirate adorable. I would most definitely let him take my ship and gold from me. I mean, who can deny a request when that smile follows it! J has decided that B is his "Matey" and he is in charge of the ship (our house) when J,"The Captain", is not there BUT, be very aware, Matey is not allowed to touch The Captains Gun! 

The captain has a gun? You ask. Yes he does, and a sword! I found the boys pants for them and they completed their own outfits, I'm actually quite amazed at how well they did, I forgot about B's skull and crossbones shirt (J actually picked that out for him), and J picked out a delightful stripped shirt for himself. It was at this point that I realized PIRATES WEAR STRIPES! It's amazing! After getting dressed I heard J start talking about needing his gun and sword, I had totally forgotten that he had a sword (made out of wood by Grandpa Turner). Here is a picture of where the Captain keeps his sword and gun.

So, on to the ABC's. Preschool started last week and tomorrow J gets to present the Sound Bag to his class. He brought the Sound bag home and it had a B attached to it. So today, J and I have been filling it with things that start with B. So far we have a Baby Bottle, a Binky, Bertie the Bus, a Blanket, a Baseball, some Bubbles, a Book, a circle of Blue fabric, a Block, and a Picture of Baby Brother B. There is a black vest that goes with the pirate pants- it had a little felt skull and crossbones glued to it, but B pulled the felt off a few weeks ago. I hung the skull and crossbones from a nail in the boys wall- so I wouldn't lose and eventually I could put it back on the vest (which I've lost). J pointed up to the skull and crossbones and said, "Mom what's that?" "That's from your Pirate vest." "Does it start with a B?" I was about to say no when I realized that we could probably print out a Buccaneers Flag.....and so we went to the computer and googled "Buccaneers Flag" and sure enough we found one, so we printed it and wrote the story about how we are dressed like pirates AKA Buccaneers! And the flag has BONES on it....I will leave it up to the teacher whether or not she wants to get into bones and buccaneers with the kids.  SO, we continue on our quest. 

"Mom, does gun start with B?"
"No, Gu, Gu, Gun. Does that sound like Bu, Bu, Bee?
"No, What about Sword, does it start with B?" 
"No, Ssss, Ssss, Sssword. Sword starts with S." 
"Oh well"
Poor "The Captain" he can't (and really shouldn't) take his gun and sword to school. 

So what have I learned from this Pirate ABC experience. Basically, I've ruined J. I started out showing him things that start with B. I would ask him what they were and he would say their names and then I would ask "Does it start with B?" and he would yell "YES!" then I started to realize that he thought EVERYTHING started with B, so I've changed, I ask him what everything is, and what letter they start with.....they still start with B.....oops. Hopefully he will get over that by the time they start learning about C.

Until then.....Yo ho, Yo ho a Pirates Life for me. (P.S. I've been typing this while we watch Peter Pan.....which, by the way, doesn't start with B)

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