Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bear Lake 2012

The Turner family went up to Bear Lake the weekend before Labor day. We had tons of fun. J got this costume a couple of days before we went to bear lake. He asked if he could bring it with us to the Cabin and then he called his Grandma Turner and asked if she could bring him leash. He was a very happy and entertaining puppy.
 We watched a storm cross the lake, the picture doesn't do it justice it was pretty amazing!
 We ate lots and lots and lots of food- and B figured out the best place to sit.
 On Saturday afternoon we went down to the south side of the lake to a State Park called Rendezvous Beach. When we arrived we noticed that there were some storm clouds headed our way. We played in the water for about 10 minutes and then we started to notice that people farther down the beach were all headed  in, pretty fast, it made us wonder if they had been told to get out of the water. THEN it started to HAIL. We found out a few days later that Ken's brother from Colorado were THERE at the exact same time we were- if we had turned left when we got to the beach instead of right- we probably would have seen them!

WE took shelter for about 30 minutes, watched the storm pas, and when we couldn't see or hear lightning anymore we headed back out to the water. J didn't get too far from shore. He mostly liked to make his feet sink in the sand.
 B on the other hand thought that he should walk out as far as possible.....I wonder why? Well, lets see, he had this amazing ball, maybe he figured it would help him float......
 Or maybe he was just following the example of his Aunt Jenette. I had to use full zoom on my camera for this picture.
 I think we will go back to Rendezvous Beach again!
 There are 6 Bedroom as the Cabin- and that is pretty much just enough for each family that was there, so we set the boys up on the floor, one on each side of the bed. The first night was a little rough for B, he woke up with a bump on his head. The second night was worse, I heard B whimpering and I figured he had lost his blanket or binky. I reached down from the bed and started feeling around and to my surprise not only could I not find a binky BUT I couldn't find B. I screamed for Ken to turn on the light and then we found B- under the bed, stuck, he had a scrape on his temple and a nice bruise the next morning.
 After that we found and set up a pack and play for him, he slept great the 3rd night we were there.
It was a great weekend, we ate lots of shakes- raspberry shakes and strawberry shakes and chocolate raspberry shakes. I made Bread Bowls! They were yummy. We played games and talked and generally had a wonderful time. No one got lost this year and we even got to see people run up the mountain for the Bear Lake Monster Half Marathon. That is one Half that I will not be doing.

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