Saturday, June 23, 2012

Preparing for the Future

J has been OBSESSED with the Sacrament for a while now. At church he used to get every hymn book he could find, put them in a line and call it his Sacrament Table, then when it was time for the Priesthood to bless and pass the Sacrament to the congregation, he would copy them, pretending to prepare it, bless it and then pass his imaginary bread and water to anyone who happened to be sitting near by. 

A few weeks ago he played Sacrament at home. pulling my piano bench into the kitchen, preparing cups of water and tearing a few pieces of bread into tiny little pieces.
Then he called his brother over to participate, covered it all up......
knelt down and blessed it.....(I hope B is this happy the first time he actually gets to pass the Sacrament at church, I just love the look of delight on his face)
Then he continued on, mimicking every detail he could remember.
So I try to remember, he may have his moments when he is loud and boisterous during church, BUT he is paying attention and he seems to know what the most important thing we do there is. I am grateful for these boys of mine. They are good boys.

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