Saturday, June 23, 2012

Father's day and More

Ken and I sing in our church choir, it is a somewhat well known fact that if you want to get people out to choir practice you should have treats. Well, since they were holding choir practice on Father's Day I offered to bring Cinnamon Rolls- hoping this would help people want to come to choir. I made a mistake when I was making them, I used a 3/4 cup instead of a 1 cup when I was putting the flour in- I didn't realize this until the next morning when I was making a second batch to prove to my self that I COULD make fabulous cinnamon rolls. The nicknamed the first batch Cinnamon Globs, I made them on Saturday night and let rise in the fridge overnight, the dough seemed a little sticky, but it accepted plenty of cinnamon sugar filling and it rolled with the usual amount of coaxing. Then I turned my back and it became a big flat mess....I cut it and it flattened even more. So I picked it up and tossed the clumps down onto the baking sheet and stuck them in the fridge. They ended up tasting quite good the next morning and no one at choir complained about eating Cinnamon Globs. As I said, I made a second batch on father's day morning, this time recognizing what I had done wrong, I was able to make my most perfect cinnamon rolls to date. :)
My day lilies bloomed just in time for Father's day :)
Little B had a 104 degree fever on Father's Day, so he and I stayed home from the first part of church and Ken and J went to church because J and all the other children were going to serenade their fathers. Here they are- dressed alike and everything, my two big boys!
B's fever lasted for 2 days and then he got a rash, it wasn't on his palms or the soles of his feet it was all over his legs, I took him to the doctor because it was an itchy rash and I just didn't know what it was. Hand Foot and Mouth! His poor little throat was so covered in rash that it was bleeding. His legs were also covered in rash, the doctor said he had only seen that kind of presentation of Hand, Foot and Mouth 5 of 6 times before. The next day B had the rash on his arms and ears. He enjoyed eating Popsicles.
lots and lots of Popsicles, B lost his appetite for about 4 days- Don't worry, he still weighs over 30 pounds, he survived his painful fast quite well. J didn't mind the Popsicles either.

J likes to help his Daddy water the Tomatoes. I got a couple Topsy Turvey Planters at a local store for $2.99 and we decided to try them out. We pretty much killed the tomatoes. The instructions say that you should give each plant 1 gallon of water right when you plant them, but it didn't say you needed to give them 1 gallon per day, so we just gave them a few cups of water...........they got brown and shriveled up and we decided they needed more water. One plant has started to grow again, nice green leaves. There is no hope for the second plant. We do have a nice garden this year, more on that in another post.
AND to top off the week of Father's day, We are dog sitting. This is Tilly, She loves me and tolerates the men in the house. Her people had a death in the family and had to leave quickly to be with their Sister/Aunt in Texas, so we have taken Tilly in. She doesn't smell, who knows, maybe we will get a dog. P.S. Ken didn't know we were dog sitting until he got home from work on Thursday Night. It was one of those "Don't Kill me.....but we have a dog for a few days" kind of moments. The good news is, he didn't kill me!

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