Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Best Place in the World

I've been pondering how amazing my neighborhood and church congregation are. On Thursday I had surgery and ended up staying in the hospital for a day and a half. My children were loved and cared for on Thursday. In fact one of our neighbors showed up at our house at 5 AM so we wouldn't have to wake the boys up. We thought we might be home around Noon, 2 PM at the latest, but things are never as easy they could be, and the  surgeons ended up needing to preform a Laparotomy. Happily, they were successful, but since they had to cut me wide open and  move stuff around a bit, they decided that it would be best to have me stay over night. I think it was late afternoon when Ken headed home to get the boys, feed them and then bring them back to visit me.

I missed my boys. I had hoped that they had been good at their respective sitters houses, I hoped that they knew how much I love them. I really didn't need to worry. You see, I live in an amazing place. It's a very young place, town homes and single family homes and apartments full of young families. When I knew that I would be having this surgery I got on Facebook and asked on our church group board there if anyone was willing to help watch the boys- I found people to help. Then when I found out that my surgery had been rescheduled I realized that one of the people who had offered to help would no longer be able to, and so I got back on there and begged once more. It wasn't long before I knew who would be watching my boys, and they were willing even though it turned out to be an amazingly early morning for one of them. I also had neighbors offer to bring dinner to my family, and I knew that on Thursday when Ken returned home with the boys there would be a warm meal ready for them to eat. I knew that sometime between 5 and 6 on Friday and Saturday another warm meal would be delivered. I didn't expect that we would continue to have meals delivered on Sunday. In fact on Sunday we had a warm meal delivered for dinner- a homemade ready to heat and eat meal delivered for us to eat on Monday AND a box full of frozen meals (5 or more- it was a big box) delivered. I've known for a while that we have amazing neighbors but I hadn't realized they were Angels. I don't really feel deserving of it all, but I've had several people tell me that sometimes the biggest blessing comes to those who serve and sacrifice for others. I hope all those people who have served and prayed for and taken care of our family are blessed beyond measure.
Between Ken, and my family and our neighbors I am still being very well cared for- today is day 7 post surgery and I am still struggling a bit. I still hurt and I have no energy and yet I have trouble sleeping. I feel like a little baby who has their days and nights mixed up- Eventually, eventually I will be all better. I hope I never forget that I live in the best place in the world, and I hope someday I can help others feel the same way.

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