Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What happened to November?

Well, it went by in a flash! My ankle has started healing- I can run again but there are times that it still swells a little. All is well though. More on that later. Here are some of the pictorial highlights of the month.

Little B discovered a love for flour- no gluten allergies here, just a great desire to stuff his mouth with handfuls of flour. He is so happy, when he is able to find time alone with the flour bucket, that I just can't be mad at him. Seriously, look at that smile.

I gave my boys haircuts in November- J's hair was getting pretty long. It had been a good 3 months or so since his last haircut.

While I was cutting his hair he started to cry "No, NO cut my hair, me want to be Handsome!", after some reassuring that he would still be handsome he settled down and got a pretty good haircut. I still have problems trimming around the ears, I cut too short.(can't see that here).Someday I am going to be pretty amazing at trimming around the ears, maybe when J is ready to leave for college.

Then there was Ken- the clippers started acting funny while I was cutting Ken's hair- and about half way through they DIED! I sent the half trimmed Ken door to door in our neighborhood looking for working trimmers, after a few minutes he came back. Only problem- I usually use a #1 on his hair- which was half cut, and the new clippers only had guards # 2 and 4. So we decided that Ken would get a pure no guard shave. (though not a Bic close shave). After finishing up Ken's hair we put Baby B on Ken's lap. This was his first official Haircut. I trimmed the baby mullet a month or two ago, but his hair took so long to grow in I was a little sad to actually cut it. I give Jared an allover shave with guard #8 and then I take a #4 to the back and sides. I was planning the same for B but when the only options became #4 and #2- that would still work......

Well, I did the all over shave, I thought to myself, "Wow, his hair is so light it disappears when it is cut this short, and then I went to change the guard and discovered that I had used the shortest guard all over his head! My baby- my baby was the perfect specimen of......of a Jar Head! We decided that since it was the day after Veterans Day, his new haircut was very appropriate.
What a sweet boy he is. I've heard many times that the difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut is about 2 weeks. Well, this must have been a really bad haircut, because it's been more than 2 weeks and it's still just a little odd. Someday my baby will have hair again. Someday.

We had a really fun Veterans Day, We went to visit our very own Veteran. Grandpa Turner! My Dad was a Chaplin in the Navy and I am very proud to have been raised as a "Navy Brat", but I am much more proud of my Dad. We went with my Mother and my sister Laurie and her 4 children to visit Dad at the Junior High School where he works as a counselor. We had lunch and then he took us on a tour of the school. It was lots of fun.

I started running again- 2 weeks after spraining my ankle I was given the Okay to run a mile, then 2, then 3. I was ready to run in the Utah Human Race 10k on Thanksgiving, I was WAS ready but about 6 hours before I was supposed to leave to run the race I started having HORRIBLE flu symptoms. I stayed home from the race. By afternoon (and thanksgiving dinner) I was feeling ready to eat. I lost 5 pounds on Thanksgiving day- not typical. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure I've gained most of it back. I ran my very own 10k on Saturday, I was still not feeling the best but I did okay time wise.

Ken did our Black Friday shopping, and he did a great job too!

And that- in a nutshell- was November

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The Spendloves said...

Hey Kate... Looks like you're doing a fine job, but if you want some tips on cutting hair, take a look at my best friend's blog. She posted this almost four years ago, but it really helped me. I cut all the hair in my house too and her techniques gave me confidence to use scissors instead of just the clippers.

Good luck!