Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Quiet Riot

The older brother was in his room by the time I took these pictures, but rest assured, he was very much involved in this mess.

So today, I was enjoying a few minutes of sitting down on the couch. Everyone had been fed, chores had been done, no one was screaming "Mine! Baby!" and no one was crying. It was perfect. I even said "Quiet time starts in 3 minutes" and no one complained...that should have been my 2nd warning. My first warning should have been the fact that no one was screaming and no one was crying and I was in the front room and the boys were in the kitchen......having a quiet riot.

I mentioned yesterday how much Baby B likes flour!

 Both boys were quickly put in their rooms for nap time/quiet time. And I decided that I probably should clean up. It felt like about 5 pounds of flour. I love my boys, I love my boys, I love my boys, I love my boys.......
 After sweeping the floor about 5 times, I decided to do something for me- continue decorating. I put up the Alpine trees and got out the Snowcouple. I also put snowberry in the secentsy warmer....I am feeling much better now.
I think I will now go watch "The Biggest Loser"

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