Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmastime is HERE!

We are feeling the spirit of Christmas around here! Joy is in the air. Yesterday Ken supported me while I put up Christmas lights! YAY!
J (in complete snow gear- for warmth) helped too- here is a picture of him making sidewalk angels. He is ready for snow!
After I finished with the lights and we had dinner and a very fun family home evening- the boys put on some of their new "black Friday" pajamas- we are proud to have two of the newest Space Ranger Cadets in our family. They are TOO CUTE!
And lastly- today J and I set up the Christmas tree. I decided just to put on the star and the red bead garland for now- we will decorate it the week before Christmas. While I was putting the garland on J came up and started singing a song about hugging the Christmas Tree. From his prospective his Mommy was hugging the tree and he thought it was fabulous- what was I really doing? Passing the garland from one hand to the other around the back of the tree. After we were done decorating I went to get the camera, as I came back in the room J sang out "Me LOVE the Christmas Tree!"
I love this time of year.

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