Friday, September 23, 2011

Kate Update

Fall is HERE! I made a Pumpkin! J is really proud of me, he said I should make 3- three is his favorite number.
So, I've had lots on my mind recently, and it ALL went away when I sat down to write this post! WOW. So....let me think....I can only think of one main update about me- so I will share that.

I have made some changes in my daily schedule this past week. I think it worked pretty well, but it is going to take some time to get used to- i.e. I hope I can talk myself into going to bed on time so that I am not so tired.

I decided that I wanted to make sure I had my priorities straight. The most important part of my day, in my opinion, is taking care of my boys, spending time with them, teaching them and LOVING them. But I felt like I wasn't doing so well at that. Between cleaning, exercising and being social (on the network) there just wasn't a ton of time to color and read and play with blocks. At our stake conference this last weekend one of the speakers told of her sisters experience with changing around her daily priorities. She was like me and wanted to make more time in her day- and what was the biggest time sucker? The Internet of course. If she was like me then she would probably go to the computer to check one thing, then check something else, then remember something she wanted to look up, and so on and so forth. So her Sister kept her computer turned off, she kept a list of the things she needed to look at and search for on the web and for an hour a day- during nap-time or something like that- she would do her searches.

I wrote that idea down, and on Sunday afternoon I thought about the things I wanted to accomplish everyday. I wanted to spend good quality time with my boys, get my cleaning done, I wanted to exercise and I wanted to have a specific time I would work my business. I realized that I was going to have to wake up early to do the cleaning and exercising, and that would free up the time during the boys waking hours for me to spend specifically with them.

So I have tried to wake up at 5:20, when Ken wakes up. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I exercise first thing in the morning for an hour. Then I clean the room I've picked for that day. They boys will probably wake up during that cleaning hour. Then Breakfast, 30 minutes of computer time, Preschool, reading with B, Nap-time for B and Premier Designs time for me. J comes back from Preschool and we have lunch then coloring, puzzles, games, then Nap-time for J and B and 30 more minutes of computer time for me (sometimes the computer comes out earlier, when I have a specific purpose- like writing a blog post, or while I am working on Premier Designs stuff) I have found that I am quite tired by nap time and I often fall asleep myself. Then Ken comes home and I make dinner and we enjoy family time. Tuesdays and Thursdays are a little different because I don't have enough time to run before Ken leaves in the morning- so I clean starting at 5:20 and then the boys and I go running at 7 or so, sadly I had to wake B up to do this, but it worked really well. I have even managed to get dressed by 9 AM on most days! (psst, that getting dressed by 9 thing, pretty amazing feat if you ask me!)

I can say that Monday- Thursday this week worked pretty well. I couldn't get up this morning though. I was just too tired. Probably because instead of going to bed at 10 PM like my schedule told me too, I got to bed between 10:30 and 11. I know I need 7 1/2 hours of sleep at night and I am going to have to force myself to bed so that I don't have to force myself out of bed when I am too sleepy.

I am sure it is going to take a few weeks to really get into the grove and figure out what works best, I might need to change my cleaning schedule around, for example, J woke up really early on Tuesday, when I was cleaning the living room, which happens to be right outside his bedroom door- I'm thinking of switching and cleaning the basement family room on Tuesday and the Living Room on Wednesday, in the hopes that J will sleep at least until 7. A mom can hope!

Well, B is up from his first nap, and it is time for lunch then building towers with blocks! YES!

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Scarlett said...

Good job Kate! I am totally impressed!