Friday, April 8, 2011

Their Back!

You know you've missed them, those pesky little Wheeler Boys. We've been gone, on a fun trip to Idaho, where we had lots of fun and visited with lots of people we love. I will tell you more about our trip another time, but for now, here are some cute pictures of the boys.

J-first he builds things, then he showers love on the things he builds (he will be such a good parent some day) Here he is hugging his tower.
Baby B, he just loves life. He has yet to build anything but a reputation. A reputation for being the cutest and happiest Baby EVER! He takes joy in the simplest things, like holding a block.
So, now you will just have to wait anxiously for another post about the boys. Hint, the next one is going to be about their parents. Don't worry, it will be a good one too.

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