Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Back to the Cutness

Okay, so while I was packing for our trip J found me and told me that the baby was hiding! He then showed me this........can you see the baby?
There he is, thoroughly and whole heartedly enjoying playing with his brother.
Now to the Trip Cuteness, I didn't realize until just now that we didn't take a ton of pictures- WEIRD, I already showed you two really cute pictures and now you get to see the other kind of odd ones. We first went to Caldwell, Idaho, where we stayed with Tony and Emily (wheeler) Bradshaw. They have two very fun children and our boys had a blast! Here are J and M, they practiced wrestling with this giant blue mouse, that is what you would do with a giant blue mouse right?
And cousin L loved baby B, here she is making him laugh.
While we were in Caldwell we saw Tangled at the Drive-In Theater. It was fun!

A few days later we headed over to Meridian, Idaho, and stayed with the John and Tiff Wheeler family. Tiff helped her older daughter make a costume to wear while telling her school class about Pocahontas, J and little E had to get in on the feathered head wear action.
Yep, that is pretty much all the pictures. I guess I need to take another vacation so that I can try to remember to take more pictures.

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