Monday, April 11, 2011

6 years!

That's right, 6 years ago two very good looking people got married....oh wait, that's us! Amazing!
In celebration of our Anniversary we spent a couple of (KID FREE) days in McCall Idaho last week. The lake was frozen and there was A LOT MORE SNOW than I envisioned in my head while we were planning the trip, but all in all it was a wonderful trip and though it was cold (we only had hooded sweatshirts), it was beautiful.
We spent an afternoon checking out the shops in McCall, our favorite was the Candy Shop. I had run 4.5 miles that morning and so I felt I deserved and needed a couple of treats, I had some yummy "Grasshopper Bark" and "Almond Butter Bark"....mmmmmmmmm.... Ken had some fudge. I love Ken and this picture shows one of the things I love about him. I saw the fudge and immediately said to myself "I am not going leave here with a 1/2 pound of fudge". Ken saw the fudge and asked the Candy Maker if you had to buy a 1/2 pound of fudge, she said no, so he ordered a couple of slivers. Caution, fudge looks larger in picture than it was in real life. Huckleberry Fudge......mmmmm.....
We had dinner at a place called Lardo's Grill and Saloon. I don't know that I have eaten at a saloon before, it was interesting......and funny. We were going all out and we were going to get fun specialty drinks, if you ask a waiter in Utah what Specialty Drinks they offer you will most likely be told all about the non-alcoholic drinks they offer. Our waitress at Lardo's just stared at us....then Ken said "Like a smoothie or sometime?" and she said "We have kiddie drinks? They are kind of like Smoothies" So we got some, I got a Cookie Monster! It was YUMMY, small but yummy, and they came in little commemorative cups- at least we took them home. I asked if we could take them home and the waitress once again was slightly taken aback but then said we could. I am guessing they don't get too many adults who order the Cookie Monster for themselves.
We also had breakfast at The Pancake House. We didn't have Pancakes but we did share a cinnamon roll that was bigger than both of our heads combined! We didn't have the camera, but believe me it was HUGE! And Yummy!

I love my Ken. I Hope (and plan and plot) to love him forever and ever and ever.

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