Monday, April 11, 2011

More than just a Ride in the Chair

I know it may come as a surprise to some people, but Ken and I go to the dentist. In fact we have a wonderful dentist that we have been seeing for almost 6 years now, well it is really the hygienists Karlee that we spend the most time with. When J was about a year old I wondered when kids need to see a dentist and so I called the office and they told me that they like to see kids when they are 3- even if it just for a ride in the chair. Our little J has made no complaints about his teeth and so we didn't have any reason to bring him in earlier.......and amazingly enough, he turned 3! And today, J had his very first dental cleaning.

Here he is playing in the kids area- this is where he has spent time during my teeth cleanings over the past couple of years. I had talked to him all morning about how HE was going to the dentist and he didn't seem scared at all.
When it was his turn, he climbed up into the dentist chair and Karlee started to tell him all about what they were going to do, starting with how she was going to wear gloves....."Do you want to touch my gloves?" He was kind of shy, so very uncharacteristic, eventually he got a little more comfortable, touched just about every dental instrument possible, and even held as still as he possibly could for some x-rays.
He had a full exam and cleaning, which was surprising to both the dentist and our hygienist. I guess most 3 year olds aren't willing to do much more than ride up and down in the chair. Not J, he bites down on the tooth brush when I brush his teeth, but for Karlee, he opened wide and did everything she asked- including not swallowing the fluoride!
And the Verdict- No Cavities and Beautiful Little Teeth! He is an amazingly cute kid, don't you think?

While he waited for the dentist to come see him he watched "How to train your Dragon" which was playing on a TV attached to the ceiling. He also wore his sunglasses while the bright exam light was on (thanks Angie for giving us that tip- the office did have little sunglasses ready for him but he preferred his own).
And after it was all over he got to pick a prize. He chose a blue snake.
Hopefully we will have many more cavity free visits. My first little baby is not a baby anymore.

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