Monday, August 9, 2010

Now Hear This.....Baby B has Arrived!

I saw my doctor for a routine OB visit last Tuesday, August 3rd, I was 36 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Every thing was looking good, she praised me for my control over my blood sugars over the previous 4 weeks and told me that she wanted to induce me the following Wednesday, August 11th. I had an odd thought several times that day, that I could go into labor, I ignored it of course, all women who are 36 weeks + pregnant want to go into labor, I knew for sure I would have a baby in just over a week and I tried not to focus on the long week ahead of me.

That night, after putting J to bed, Ken and I went downstairs and started to watch a movie. About a half hour later, around 8:30 I felt a weird pain and then I heard a "Pop". I had been reading a lot of books, trying to prepare myself for the natural delivery that I felt I should have. I had read something about hearing a Pop when your water breaks and so I asked Ken if he heard it, and then I stood up, and felt just the tiniest of gushes.

"I think my water broke" I said. Ken's response was for me to quickly get onto the tile and off the carpet, he was smart. Within seconds of reaching the tile I was standing in a large puddle, a little bewildered and a little excited, We were going to have a baby, and we were having it that night.

We called our Doula (Morgan Hagey "Simply Beautiful Birthing Services" ) and then we called our Doctor. I wanted to stay at home at least until the contractions started, but my Doctor wanted me to go into the hospital and start on the Antibiotics that I needed to take during the delivery. I agreed to go in to the hospital and after some quick juggling of Jared (Thanks to the Hatches for taking care of Jared for us, on super extreme short notice) and some quick packing (I had "Pack Hospital Bags" on the to do list for the next day, oops) we left to have our baby, by this time I had started having contractions and each one was getting stronger.

Since it was after 10 pm when we were finally settled into our room (at which point I was almost dilated to a 4), Morgan convinced Ken that he should get some rest, so he would be ready to support me through the later stages of labor, and then she and I went out to walk the halls. After about 30 or 45 minutes the contractions were getting much stronger and I was ready to try something else. I was feeling good, breathing with the contractions and trying my very best to relax, we hadn't been timing them so I had no idea how far apart they were or how long they were. I sat on a birthing ball for 15 minutes, it took that long to figure out that the contractions were coming at regular 5 minute intervals and were about 1 minute long. "This is when most people are told to come to the hospital" I thought and then I thought "I want to get in the whirlpool!" I had a bit of a back ache and I thought the whirlpool would help I liked the whirlpool and though it often will slow down labor, I think it sped mine up.

After a few minutes in the tub I realized that I couldn't talk during contractions anymore, I had to focus so that I could stay relaxed. A little while later I had to grab onto the bar at the side of the tub...this didn't really help me relax but it was all I could do, because those contractions were getting very very strong. Then I felt like I needed to use the restroom. The urge to go was very very very strong and I didn't feel like I could control it. Morgan realized what was happening, I didn't need the toilet, I needed to push. She ran out and got the nurse, the nurse checked me (I was sure I was at a 5 and I was sure I was not going to make it through this delivery without anesthesia.....after all I was only at a five) but the nurse agreed with Morgan, I didn't need to use the restroom, I think I remember her saying "Yep, that's his head, you have got to get back to the bed" and so I did. I climbed up onto the bed on my hands and knees and though I had not intended to deliver a baby in that position.....I did. It was 12:52 AM, 4 and 1/2 hours after my water broke, 3 and 1/2 hours after the contractions started. I did it! I made it through labor and delivery without any medications, and my sweet little baby who just had to be born as fast as possible, he had a perfect head! (I on the other hand was not so perfect, I am still suffering from a pretty bad tear.) The baby was 6 pounds 10 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long (we were told that is pretty good for 37 weeks)

Here he is, less than 24 hours after he was born.
When J arrived to see me that day we made sure that the baby was at the nursery. That way he got to see his Mommy and be with her for just a little while all on his own, AND THEN baby brother came back and he brought J a present, a Toy Story bedding set! This is a picture of J's reaction, he said something like "Baby Buba.....Oh BUZZ"
Here are my Three Sweet Boys!
And here is Baby B, I just took this picture, he is 6 days old today, he is a wonderful baby, still very sleepy, he eats and sleeps and eats and looks around for a few minutes then he sleeps some more. Unfortunately he has his days and nights mixed up and his one LONG sleep period each day comes at 10 AM. Oh Well.

He looks almost exactly like J did, his hair is a little lighter and a little thinner, but other than that they are clones, right down to the facial expressions and the way they both put their hands up to their faces, like they are thinking really hard.
I am one BLESSED woman!


Janaca said...

How exciting that he's here! Congrats!! He is sure handsome, and you are amazing for doing it all natural. Sounds like you did great! Hope your healing quickly and are enjoying that new sweet little baby. Nothing quite like it!

Tennille said...

Awesome story! I didn't know you ended up using my cousin's wife for your doula. Cool!

AZSMITHS said...

When I read that you were 80% effaced and dialated to a 2, I knew you were going to have him soon! Congratulations. You're labor sounded very familiar to mine (fast). I'm glad you were able to go natural like you wanted. And once again, congrats on your beautiful baby boy!

Kristen said...

Oh. My. Woman. That is quite the birth story! Way to go, you were awesome. Seriously.

Did you know that you used Baby J's real name in a couple places? Maybe it was on purpose.

I hope your little one is being a good baby for you. Yes you're very blessed. Isn't it the best?!?!?!

And you were very clever to have Buzz show up at the hospital.


The Bells said...

Wow Kate, you rock! Congrats on the new arrival. I am so glad you are all doing well. We miss being so close to you guys, but expect us to come see the little dude face to face when we are in town.