Sunday, August 15, 2010

Grandma Magic, Part 2

Over 2 years ago I discovered a rare form of magic, Grandma Magic. It is a very simple magic, but it makes the world a better place. You see, Grandma's can use their magic to get their grandchildren to do whatever they want. And luckily for me, Grandma Wheeler was willing to share her Magic with us this past week.

We knew this baby was not going to come on his due date, in fact at my last Doctors Appointment on Aug 3rd I had been scheduled for an induction on Aug 11th. That day, Aug 11th was going to work just fine for our family, Ken would be able to finish out his busy time at work while the baby and I were in the Hospital. Little J could spend some time with his Turner Grandparents and Cousins, it was as if everything was falling into place just as it should be. We would come home on Friday and Ken would then start his 3 WEEKS of Paternity Leave!!!! That is not what the Baby (and I guess the storm that rolled into town that night, August 3rd) had in mind. Baby B wanted to see his Grandma Wheeler. And I am so grateful that he did.

There was no way for Ken to not go into work this last week, he wasn't quite done with everything that needed to get done before his leave could start, and when he told me that he had to work all week, I almost cried. In fact I may have cried a little. And then I told him that I thought we should put out the "Grandma Signal" (like the bat signal only much more powerful since Grandma Wheeler lives 2 states away). Well, Grandma saw the signal and immediately found a way out to Utah to help us.

Here she is with Grandchildren #20 -J and #27- Baby B.

We, Ken and I both, were very very grateful for Grandma Wheelers magic this last week. She could get Baby B to sleep when neither Ken or I could. I told her that she was Stealthy, because she had the amazing ability to get J up in the morning, or down for naps in the afternoon, without him making so much as a peep, allowing baby b and me to sleep and or nap quite easily. This stealthiness, I believe, can be attributed to Grandma Magic. I know little J, and he is not a quiet child. He sings, he yells, he tells you exactly what is on his mind, he is a happy little kid, but he is a loud boy. Grandma Magic was able to keep him calm. MIRACULOUS!

Thank you for saving us Grandma Wheeler, we would not have been able to do it without you this past week. You took great care of us, fed us very very well, and taught us quite a few things about being the parents of 2 boys. Little J misses his Aamama. We are glad that we will see you again in October.
See how happy you made us! I hardly look tired at all!


Kristen said...

I love the last picture. Kate you look so great! Cute cute boys you have.

We have a little Grandma magic around here too. Tonight it will be with loose teeth.

pdwheeler said...

What a cute family.

Rachel said...

Hurray for grandmas! Could you send her my way too? I have a very loud, very happy little boy who could use some of her magical powers. Actually... make that TWO little boys. :)

Jennifer Hatch said...

Grandma's are definitely life savers! My mom has saved me on more than one occasion! That was very sweet of your mother-in-law to come from so far away.