Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Self Effacing!

So I had my 36 week appointment today, and I found out that I am 80% Effaced and Dilated to a 2. I now have some choices to make.

I have been praying that the baby will come at the right time for him to come, that he won't be born too early basically because there is pretty much a 99.9% chance that he is going to come at least 2 weeks early. But 2 weeks early, as my doctor would like it, would be the day of the Big Family Reunion, and I tell you walking around with a baby that has dropped.....I don't know how comfortable I would be at the reunion.....so it is tempting to give in to the doctor.

But could it be possible that he could come, naturally, even before then? I think it might. He sure feels like a big kid, he bruises me or at least I feel very very very sore in the places he likes to stretch and push. I really feel like if I relax and let him do his thing he could be here next week, and then maybe he could be in the pictures at the reunion (meaning, we would go for the pictures and lunch and then come home) It is really weird to think about.

So, if you could please, pray for me and my baby Billy, I know that all things are in God's hands, but I sure like knowing that the faith of others is involved too.


Arit said...

Wow, a lot to think about, but how EXCITING!! You will be in our prayers. Oh, and you are a WAY CUTE pregnant mama! I loved the belly shot in the last post. Can't wait to hear all about your baby and see pictures of him when he comes!

Angie said...

I would personally love it if I got to meet him at the family reunion, but it's far more important that he come when he's thoroughly cooked! We will pray.