Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring is the Time to Nest

A friend of mine told me that I am not "Nesting" because I am not far enough along. Well, maybe I am not nesting, but I am certainly in the mood to prepare, and I have a few hours of energy per day that I am putting towards those preparations.

One of the most important things I need to get done before August is to move Little J into a Toddler Bed. We purchased one a month or two ago and it has been sitting down in our basement ever since. Before we could start "Training" in the bed I needed to reorganize "The Boy's Room". And that is exactly what we have been doing today. It has been lots of fun.

Our home has 4 bedrooms (3 finished), but there are only 2 on each level of the house. I don't feel like Little J is big enough to be in the basement by himself, and I also don't want to give up our guest room/finish the unfinished bedroom right now, so the boy's will be sharing a room. This means that we have to somehow fit a Crib, a Bed (we chose a toddler bed because it is small) and the changing table and dresser into the room. This might not be hard for some people but it has proved to be quite a puzzle for me. Pictures of the completed room will come later, but for now, here is the adventure that Little J and I had this morning.

I decided that the best place to put the Dresser would be inside the closet, so I removed the beautiful mirrored closet doors. Little J has always loved the mirrors in his room, he really enjoyed the company of the little boy he always found there, it is amazing, every time he looks, there he is, that gorgeous kid!

"Well Hello, funny I would find you here in the Living Room"
"OK, just a little Kiss"

"Mom, Stop looking! This is a private moment"
After the doors were removed I had the lovely job of removing EVERYTHING I had been hiding in the closet for the past year or more. J really enjoyed this, he discovered some really cool Train Slippers, and last years beach hat! He also discovered a new place to play/dance.
All that dancing really tuckered J out and I needed some "Helper Free" time so that I could put the new dresser together. (We picked up a Malm 3 Drawer dresser at Ikea last fall for $39.99, it was a bargain! But bargains come at the price of having to follow the 20+ Cartoon Steps to put them together)

I am a very smart Mommy and so I asked J if he wanted to go watch "Dee Dee". He tossed away his hat, kicked off the slippers, took my hand and led me downstairs. I put on the "Nighttime" show. The characters get ready for bed and get into bed about 20 times during the show, and they all have little beds just like his new bed, I figured he would enjoy playing along, and I was right! I went downstairs every few minutes to check on him, this is what I found.
He sleeps this way most nights in his crib as well, all crunched up in one corner. It is pretty cute but I am afraid it means that he will fall out of bed if he ever tries to sleep in the corner without the railings. (The bed is on a towel because I cleaned and sanitized it this morning. We purchased it second/third hand....we are cheap, yet we still want to be safe and healthy)
After 15-20 minutes of his show J got lonely and decided to come help me put the dresser together. He was a really good helper, once I put the screws and nails up high and out of his reach that is. He even cheered for me! I had to put 30 nails into the back of the dresser and after each one he would gleefully say "Yeah! You Did It!" After finishing the frame I placed it in the closet, and once again, J found a new place to play.
I bought some curtains and hung them on a shower curtain/tension rod that fit perfectly up in the track for the mirrored doors. This will allow me to continue to "hide" things if needed and it looks pretty cute too.
With J's constant supervision I finished the 3 drawers and put them in the dresser. The whole project took about 3 hours and by the time we were done both of us were quite hungry and tired so we took a break. Once Ken gets home we are going to finish rearranging the room. Hopefully at that point I will get some good pictures of "The Boy's Room" and get them posted for you to see. Either way, I am pretty proud of what I accomplished today.

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