Friday, May 14, 2010

Random Tidbits of Awesomeness....

I attended a Class/Lecture/Session (still not quite sure what to call them) titled "Finding Joy and Nobility in Motherhood". I told my companions that I already did find Joy in Motherhood, but I was really interested in just where the Nobility came in. Someone mentioned that they were going to start vacuuming while wearing a Tiara, I might try that in the future, just for kicks, I think a Tiara would look good with my pajama's.....which is my typical vacuuming ensemble. But on with what touched me from this session....

When we do the Work of Mothering, We are participating in the Lords Work. We do this Perfect Work imperfectly. God and Christ know we are imperfect and they will help us. If we turn to them in faith they will show us the NOBILITY in our work.

Elder Holland once said something like this (I think I got it down but I am not 100% sure of my accuracy, remember, I'm imperfect)
"He is blessing you and he will bless you, even, No Especially, when your days and nights may be the most challenging......Thy faith will make the whole and it will make your children whole as well"
I really like that. I know that it is not that simple, the speakers- Sandi Shields and Erin Holms- both spoke about the things we can do as mothers to help our children come to know, understand, and accept the gospel in their lives. You know, teach them, read to them, talk to them, testify to them, invite them to act on the things that they have learned. I really liked something that Sandi Shields said near the end of her talk, she said something like this-
We must do the good things, over and over and over again, until they are written on our hearts and on the hearts of our children. So I said I know that it is not "That Simple" and by that I meant I know that Faith is an action word. I can say I have faith and tell everyone I have faith but until I take action, until I step out into the darkness, until I actively SEEK that healing provided by the Savior and his atonement I will not be whole, and so I must act, I must do, I must be faithful and that faith will make me whole and I believe that it will make my children whole as well, because they will learn to act in faith as well.

The next session was called "O Lord....I will trust in thee forever" presented by Kimberly Welling and Jack R. Christiansen.

Our Savior had to do hard things. He did them so that he could understand me and what I will be going through. He understands me, I can trust that he knows my needs and will lead me safely, he will direct my paths. Look forward, not back at what may have seemed to be perfect. Trust in the Lord as you look and walk forward.

Jack Christiansen was recently called to be the mission president of the Rochester New York Mission. He talked about this as he was introducing himself and he said "Every mission in the world is the best, except all those missionaries in all the other missions are bearing testimony of what happened in our mission." That is the only difference. I thought that was pretty funny.

The Christiansen's were blessed with 4 daughters and in the late 70's they were in the process of adopting a son. Not too long before the adoption was to be finalized their son was taken from them. He was part Native American, and it had something to do with the Child Protection Act of 1976. The entire family was heart broken and they always wondered what happened to their son after he was taken from them. About 20 years later Jack didn't get the job as President of Utah Valley University, because he didn't get the job he was available to speak at an Adoption Conference where he shared his families story. A few weeks later he was out doing yard work when a car pulled up in front of his house. A woman exited the Vehicle and asked him if he was the Jack Christiansen who had spoken at the conference. She then explained that she believed that she had adopted their son. She adopted him 10 years after he was taken from their home, not much is known about those 10 years, but as of now he is very much loved and very much cared for. This made the Christiansen's very happy.

Brother Christiansen said that what he learned from this 20 years worth of wondering was that We must continue on, even if what we have asked for, in faith, doesn't happen immediately. We must continue to Trust in the Lord with all our hearts. The Christiansen family waited 20 years to know what had happened to their adopted son, they never stopped praying for his safety but they had to wait to find out that he truly was safe.

Nephi, and many other prophets, waited 1500+ years for the world to have the truths found in the Book of Mormon.

There may be times in our lives when we have to wait upon the Lord and trust that he truly knows what will be best for us, and when. Waiting doesn't mean sitting around and doing nothing until we receive a promised blessing, we must continue on with life, no matter how hard it may feel at the time.

Well, I guess these have been more than Tidbits, so I will stop for today. But coming up next week- Quench not the Spirit!, Overcoming Criticism, It is not requisite that a Woman should run faster than she has strength and Elder and Sister Kristen Oaks!

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