Friday, May 14, 2010

Our Garden of Dreams

Yesterday, little J and I prepared the ground for planting. Patiently J watched as I dug holes and put a little plant food and water into each of them. When we came back inside it was time for lunch, J wanted Cereal and I gladly gave him some. But he surprised me when he decided to use his Shovel instead of the spoon I had given him.
The shovel didn't last long, spoons are just easier.
So, my plan was to put J down for his nap today and then go finish planting our garden. But I have been very tired today, to the point where I have fallen asleep on the couch several times, and J has taken advantage of the fact that Mommy was asleep. On the other hand J has plenty of I made a command decision, we would both go outside while I planted the garden, J could run around and burn off some energy and I would be freed up at nap time to nap myself.

So here is my Garden Chronicle, Here are the pictures of things I plan to harvest this year.
First, I plan to harvest a sweet little Butterball! This is what my belly looks like if I look down at it.
Second and Third, I hope to harvest some Crookneck Squash during the summer and fall, and some very nice looking pumpkins this fall! I have never done squash or pumpkins but I figure I spend money on them, why not try to grow them myself. I did plant them kind of close together, we will wait until fall to decide if this was a mistake.
Fourth, Bell Pepper, a necessary item for salad and salsa, I have planted at least one Bell Pepper plant each year since moving into this house, I have never been disappointed.
Fifth, Tomatoes! That is right, Salad and Salsa! This year we are only planting two tomato plants, we got one gallon size and one smaller one, hopefully we will have tomatoes before September.
Sixth, Little J. Wait, I didn't plant little J, he must have planted himself. Lets take a closer look.
Sure enough, he has been playing in the dirt, eating the dirt everything but trying to pull up the plants that I had already planted...this is one messy kid.
So J had some extra fun, he let me plant the second tomato and the Anaheim Pepper (once again, SALSA!) and then he let me strip off his clothes and spray him down with the hose. Then I took the still slightly muddy boy and put him directly into the TUB! After 5 Minutes he was still a little dirty, but he was getting cleaner.
I hope, hope, hope that Our Garden grows. I love to watch the plants get bigger, but I love going out and picking fresh vegetables even more! This year I am going to try and keep track of what the weight of the tomatoes we produce is, I really think that in the end we will get many more tomatoes than we could have if we just bought them at the store, I want to be able to prove it. Same goes for the Pumpkins and the Squash! ( I paid $2.50 for a pumpkin last year, the plant only cost $0.99)

Well, the newly clean J, now dressed in pajamas (because that is what he wanted to wear) is really ready for his nap now. So I must go. Have a wonderful weekend.

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