Friday, May 8, 2009

The Whiz

The past few days and weeks, and really months, just seem to have whizzed by. Everyday there is something that I think would be fun to tell the world about, but everyday I look at my house and say "I really should clean this" or " I really should wash and fold those" but I never do it. (Well to be truth full, the house gets cleaned at least once a week, usually Saturday so that I can at least go to church knowing that my house is clean), but I have been tired enough lately that I just put up with the mess for the other 6 days a week. Chasing after this little guy and dealing with his antics have kept me plenty busy lately. Here are some of his new tricks.

Climbing up onto the piano, it sounds so good when you play it with your feet. Also when you stand on the piano it is much easier to get to the trashcans. Once you have reached the trashcans it is apparently very fun to throw them on the floor and then laugh at your mother while she tries to pick all the trash back up. FYI- he is currently standing on the piano, rearranging the pictures on the pictures shelves.

This new talent of climbing about gave me a heart attack this last week. Baby J and I had been outside to get the mail and upon returning home I suddenly needed to get to a bathroom fast. Our front room is blocked off 95% of the time and that is where baby J was supposed to stay, safe and sound. Well I realized pretty quickly that something was wrong, I must have left his Bedroom Door open, I could hear him in there. Why, you ask, should he not be allowed in his bedroom by himself? Well it could be because he has recently discovered how to climb the 8 foot ladder that leads to the loft in his room. I ran to his room and saw him, sitting on the 5th rung of the ladder- about 5 feet in the air. He was annoyed because he had somehow managed to sit down but couldn't get back up. I approached him with caution, not wanting to startle him......he was fine, and I made sure the door was closed tight on our way back to the front room. I told Ken about it and Ken told his boss, who said that I have "First Child Syndrome". I guess I do, I happen to think that if a 1 year old falls 5 feet he could get hurt. I guess it is all my fault that he climbs, if I am close by I don't stop him.......I bring it all on myself.

I thought this next one was hilarious, I was in the kitchen, getting dinner ready and Baby J was wandering around exploring. I hadn't noticed the silence, but Ken did. The silence fell because of what Baby J had found in the trash......the remains of half a mini watermelon. He didn't waste much time showing us how much more of the watermelon was edible. Another moment which made me feel like a good mother.

I was talking with some friends yesterday and we agreed that even if your house is messy, if your kids are happy then you must be doing OK, and my Kid is pretty happy. His happiness is pretty much equal to the messiness of our home, they go hand in hand. But enough of that.

Check back in next week, I hope to find some time Tomorrow or Monday to tell you all about the Miracle of Women's Conference and our trip to the Gardens.

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angee said...

Cute! I love to hear all about his latest antics. They sure keep us busy, don't they?!

And although you may have 1st child syndrome, I would have freaked if my baby had climbed that high, too (and I have TWO children!).