Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Did Somebody Yell FIRE!!!!

Hi, It's me, Fireman J! Today I am going to tell you all about the Lehi Fire House.
OK, so I am not old enough to be a firefighter, but I did go the the Fire House today and I had a great time. I learned lots and lots, the first thing I learned is that the newest firefighters have to give the tours. These are our tour guides, they are all Firefighters and Intermediate EMT's. They told me that they actually go to more medical emergencies than fires, does that mean that Lehi is Fireproof?
The next thing I learned is that Fire Engines have BIG TIRES! I love tires. The Firefighters told us the difference between a Fire Truck and a Fire Engine. My Mom didn't even know that there was a difference, but they told us that Fire Trucks have ladders and hold less water, 400 gallons less, than Fire Engines which hold between 750 and 1000 gallons of water.

Fire Engines are also Very Shinny. Lehi has Yellow Fire Engines, but they just bought a new Red Fire Truck and someday they will only have Red Fire Engines too, because Red is better, I guess.
My Cousin C came with me to the Fire House and he helped me climb around inside the Fire Engine. We had lots of fun with the Fire Fighters and at the end of our tour they gave us all Hats, Suckers and Stickers, the stickers say "Junior Fire Fighter, Lehi Fire Dept." so I guess I am a real fire fighter!

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Hiccup MeL said...

I had no idea there was a difference between a fire truck and a fire engine. Wow! Thanks for teaching me something new today.