Monday, May 18, 2009

Beauty and the Yeast

I took Baby J to the doctor today, because he had a diaper rash that wouldn't go away. I made the decision to seek medical help after the bath water turned pink yesterday. I am a little hard headed, but when there is blood in the water from all the scratching, that is where I draw the line. Good thing there were no sharks in the tub at the time.

(Baby J, show us what it feels like to have a bad rash on your bum)
So anyway, I sheepishly told the doctor that I had no Idea what to do, Baby J has not had a ton of diaper rashes in his life, mostly just redness that would clear up easily if we put ointment on. This rash is different, it responds well to desitin, but within a couple days of being cleared up, it's back again. I was ready for him to say, just keep doing what your doing, you just have a really rashy, really itchy kid. (He is also having an amazing eczema flare)

But no, to my surprise, even though I didn't see anything that looked like Yeast to me, the Doctor did. I love Doctors. So now we have even more Ointments, Yeast Killing Ointments. And we also have a new way to use the Hair Dryer. This was the most surprising part to me. I truthfully expected to be told to let him go without a diaper or something like that, but the Doc told me to clean him up really good and then take the blow dryer and dry him out!!!! I almost laughed, I still want to laugh, it just seems funny. I have never ever ever even thought in the back of my mind to use a blow dryer to dry my child's bum. But it makes sense. I just hope he isn't afraid of it, and I am also glad I have a cool air button on my hair dryer, wouldn't the regular hot air be a little hot?

(Baby J, now show us how good it feels to "Kill the Yeast")
So, any of you ever tried this?


Rachel said...

I am in love with his curls.... so adorable.

I've never heard of using the hair dryer on a baby's bum, but I guess stranger things have happened. You obviously have better manners than I because I would have laughed out loud right in the doctor's face. Hope the rash gets better soon!

Christy said...

I'm glad he's feeling better (or at least will be soon). Hmmmm...maybe this hair dryer therapy will get him over his fear of vacuums. :-)

Anonymous said...

I will post anonymously to protect the innocent who would be embarrassed. While I have never done this to my children, my husband regularly does this to combat his jock itch--he got the idea from a roommate who had done it in a 3rd world country on his mission, but it was confirmed as a good idea by the doctor who treats him. So, if baby J has this problem now, he may have it all his life and may need a good hairdryer of his own.