Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun with Cousins

On Monday we went out to Breakfast and then the whole family, all 13 of us, 6 adults, and 7 kids (4 of which are 4 years old or younger) went to see "Night at the Museum 2". It was a good movie, Baby J slept for the first hour and then he discovered that down at the bottom of the movie theater there is a great place to run around and play.

As you can see, Baby J loves his cousins.
After the movie we had some fun in the back yard. I have known for a while that my son loves to jump up and down in his crib, so it makes complete sense that he would LOVE the Trampoline.

On Wednesday morning Baby J started knocking on my bedroom door. I thought, what a silly boy, he thinks I am in my bedroom- but I was in our living room. I called to him as I came around the corner, expecting him to turn to me and run into my arms. But he didn't, he kept right on knocking on the door. So I opened it, he ran in and started to try to climb up onto the bed, which is much to high for him to climb and so I assisted. Once on the bed he started to Jump, Jump, Jump. Does he think my bed is a Trampoline too. we have no room in our yard for a Tramp, but I remember my Sister L saying that they were going to get one, and if they do, we will be over to play, or really, just to Jump.

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Christy said...

Looks like fun!