Wednesday, June 3, 2015


A few weeks ago our 4 year old B asked me, "Mom, do we have a train museum in our town?" No, not in our town, I knew that for sure. But with a quick search of the Internet I discovered that we did have one in our state. I also discovered that the Train Museum was within walking distance of a Frontrunner (commuter rail) stop. So I told my little B that we would make the trip. We would ride the Frontrunner all the way to Ogden and go and visit the trains. Today we did it! Grandma, Cousin CJ, Me and my three kiddies had a grand ole time.

I wish you could see this whole engine, it was GIGANTIC! Seriously, I don't know if I'm just accustomed to toy trains, which are quite small, but I was quite amazed by the size of this steam engine. As you can see the wheels are probably close to 7 feet in diameter. 

The Train Museum in Ogden is in the Union Depot. Because we were chasing train happy kids through the museum we didn't really have time to stop, look at and read much of anything. I must admit, I'd kind of like to go back and be able to actually learn some things, every Mom of train happy boys needs to know cool facts about train history and local train lore. We got to see the uniforms that Conductors and Brakemen wore. We got to look around a replica of caboose. We played in a pretty good sized kids area. Watched model trains wind their way through model mountains and villages. We got to tour a Mail Car and a WWII era Hospital Car and finally we got to play on a steam engine!

B likes to sit in the Engineers seat. E likes to wear hard hats and push levers and J likes to push buttons and watch the scenery roll by!

Grandma treated us to lunch and then we headed home. We spent about an hour each way on the Frontrunner. On our way home we were all a little tired, the boys overheard me trying to talk Baby E into taking a little nap in my arms, it didn't work, but they decided that maybe they would take naps. They pretended to sleep for about 5 minutes.

All in all it was a great day and a fun trip, so much so that I decided that we should probably make it an annual beginning of summer day trip.

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