Monday, June 15, 2015

I'm an Orthopedic Surgeon!

Sweet little E loves being outside. She calls it "side". There is just so much to do. see and hear out there and all that doing and seeing makes her very happy. 

Because she loves being outside, she is perfectly happy to ride in the stroller as I do my 5 mile runs during the week. She has started to become attached to certain "comfort items" and she will often ask to bring them with her in the stroller. Last Thursday her bear came along for the ride. Unfortunately, bear must have offended her in some way and he was thrown to the ground. I didn't realize that this had happened until I saw bear, now missing one leg, flying through the air. Apparently, she threw the bear down and I stepped on his leg with one foot and then kicked him with my other foot, severing his leg. 

Never fear! Last month I was asked to instruct the ladies in the neighborhood in the art of hand sewing. I said yes, then I looked up stitches on the internet, collected thread, buttons and fabric from my craft stashes and made it happen. Since then I've been dong a lot of mending. My mending is not beautiful by any means BUT I've felt like I'm learning a lot about Using things up, wearing things out and making things do.

So today, I took some brown thread and reattached a leg! I didn't realize it before but I'm a pretty amazing Orthopedic Surgeon! Hopefully bear will have many happy years to come and if he needs any surgery in the future I hope he feels comfortable returning to me for his care.

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