Friday, November 16, 2012

Good Intentions

Well, Here we are- at quarter to 4 in the morning. I thought- I'll blog! I got the memory card from the camera and intended to post pictures of the fun stuff we did in October......and then I quickly realized that Ken had transferred the pictures.....SO here is what I found.

Little B LOVES the computer :) and Big Boy J likes to take pictures  (see his feet there in the corner)

J likes the computer too- he likes to watch videos. He also loves those Jammies- I washed them on Friday and then again on Monday and on Wednesday he was quite upset that they were not in his pajama drawer

I'm a cowgirl! (B may be totally crying, which makes no sense because he has crackers! CRACKERS!)

On Sunday Morning B and I did some indexing- it was very enjoyable. 
 There you go- a few days in the life of the Wheeler family- we are very very interesting people :)

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