Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ordinary Miracles

So, if you read about the Freedom Run you will read about how I asked Heavenly Father to help me get to the race on time, and he did, and to me it felt like a miracle. Two days after the race I had my Training Show and started my career as a Premier Designs Jewelry Lady. I was both nervous and calm, it was an odd combination. But after it was all I felt like I had witnessed even more miracles, and as I said my prayers that night I remember thinking that God knew it was all going to work out well, that's why he blessed me with calmness. I still feel quite blessed. I like it. But anyway, back to my adventures as a Jewelry Lady.

My Mother graciously allowed me to host my show at her home. I have a friend in my neighborhood who will be hosting a show for me this summer and I didn't want to have too many shows, too close together on the same street. I invited quite a few people to my first show, but I really didn't have any firm RSVP's, this is why I was nervous. It wouldn't be much of a training experience if I was talking to an empty room. But something Miraculous happened, 10 people came! I've never had 10 people at the shows I hosted at my house. I think it was a pretty good show. 

I decided that I wanted to have some signage, and so I contacted my friend Paige Spaulding to see if her printing company could help me out. CPS Graphix did a great job for me, you can find them here- . The signs work miracles too, as we were setting up and putting the jewelry out, someone knocked on the door- My Mom's neighbor, she said she LOVES jewelry and came in to take a look. She came back for the party. Later in the evening another neighbor came by, because she saw the signs. Those signs pretty much paid for themselves that night. My J loves them too, as you can see in this picture.
So it has been a week since my training show and I have had another chance to play Jewelry Lady, thanks to my friend Jolene! I am learning lessons, someday I might be pretty good at this. I hope Jolene is pleased with her hostess benefits, getting a guiltless shopping spree can be pretty fun, in my opinion.

I have been having lots of fun learning how to wear my jewelry, how to combine different necklaces, how to wear 5 or more items at once!  Last night at Jolene's home show, I got a pretty big compliment, I had come up with what I thought was a pretty cute combo of two necklaces and a slide, and one of the guests came up to me, handed me a couple other pieces of jewelry and said "I want to get these, and I want those necklaces you are wearing too!" (yes, she was excited about them!) It wasn't until I got home that I realized what a compliment that truly was. So I may not be perfect, but I am doing pretty good. I can do hard things, and I can like it.

So, if you want to help me in my quest to be a Great Jewelry Lady, host a show for me! Seriously, you will be greatly rewarded.

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