Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I thought I knew what I was doing....

Here I am, the mother of a 22 month old boy. He is the human equivalent of a Tornado. I don't know where he gets his energy. He eats and drinks but lately his milk consumption has gone down and he really only eats a few Tablespoons of food at a time. I guess when you are a little less than 3 feet tall you don't need a lot of calories. His daily caloric burn though must be off the charts. He follows me everywhere, up the stairs, down the stairs, through the house, wherever I go he goes. If I sit down he will play, but often playing involves jumping or climbing which I assume burns calories. I guess I should get to my point, my reason for this post, You would think this kid would be tired. You would think.

I worked hard to learn how to help him get sufficient sleep and since he was 3 or 4 months old he has been a wonderful sleeper, at night and for naps. He has had just 1 long nap per day for 8-10 months now, it started at 11, then I moved it to noon and eventually it was anywhere between noon and 1. But the past few days have not been good napping days, and that got me wondering, is he giving up napping or should I just move it back to 2 pm. Yesterday he refused to nap at all and today he jumped up and down in his crib for way over an hour before he finally fell asleep. He didn't cry, in fact he was having tons of fun from the giggles I was hearing. I, on the other hand, needed a nap and spent a good amount of time telling God all about how J needed to sleep so that I could. God got the message through to J. I need to remember to say thanks.

So I have never had an almost 2 year old before. I went on line to see what other people have said about their 2 year old and what time they go down for their naps and most of them said between noon and 1, so is J just different? Should I try 2 pm or keep pushing 1 pm on him. Part of the problem is I get tired, I need a break starting sometime between noon and 1, it really is a vicious cycle.

Any advice or experience shared would be appreciated.


Tennille said...

It depends on the kid (the dropping of naps) but I think J is still too young. I think moving it back to 2 might almost be too late, but that's just me. He might be growing through a growth spurt or something like that. Or maybe just a temporary fascination with jumping. Hopefully, it ends soon. :)

Angie said...

I might try bumping it back a bit--maybe 11:30? Not quite 2 definitely seems too young to lose all naps to me. Maybe he needs more lunch? Or a more calming pre-nap sleep routine. Good luck. I hate when they give up naps before I'm ready. But then, I'm never ready.

Rachel said...

Spencer didn't give up naps until he was at least 3 1/2, and occasionally he still falls asleep in the afternoon. Even when he was ready to give up naps and I wasn't, I would make him have quiet time.

I don't think I would push J's nap later than you have. If anything, push it up a little. Hopefully he's just going through a phase. Just remember: "and it came to pass...." Good luck, my dear!

Andrea said...

When Sarah was just over 2 she had a week that she didn't nap at all, but then she went back to napping again for about 6 more months. You might try changing the routine before nap time to help him settle down. If you're thinking about having quiet time when he does quit napping, you may want to start that now -- have 20 or 30 minutes for him to play with some special toys alone in his room and then go read stories or something to settle him in for a nap. Good luck, and maybe we'll catch you guys on IM later!

Liz said...

Here's what we have found with our kids: be consistent. It's hard to tell if a child has grown out of a nap for a few weeks because often it might be a change in growth or metabolism. I still do a "quiet time" in the afternoon and allow my kids to read quietly or draw in their rooms if they are not sleepy. Some days they sleep and some they don't. We have a fixed time: 1 PM. Some days it's a little earlier and some a little later. Here's what I would recommend: try a quiet time with J for an hour for the next month at the same time each day and see what happens. Give him a couple books to read.

angee said...

Great advice from everyone, but I especially agree with Liz. Her comment was almost identical to what I was going to say.

Karlee gave up naps completely by 2. She's never been a good sleeper though. She's my active child, my mover, my constant blurb of motion. JJ took naps until we was well into 3. Each kid is different.

JJ couldn't do an hour at first so we built up to it. We did a week at 15 minutes, then bumped it to near 30... You get the idea.

We do a quiet time in the afternoon, as well. I think it's healthy for kids to have a time to rest each day. Both kids stay in their rooms to play quietly, and I do the same. I read my scriptures and sometimes "nap." It's quiet time for everyone! I NEED the down time, as well!!

Good luck! And keep us posted.

AZSMITHS said...

For me, every child is different. Some napped until past 3 and some stopped around 2. Right now, my 3 yr. old has started napping again after about a year of no naps.

I also do quiet time that starts around 1:00. I usually let the kids pick a show to watch, or my son can play video games. That gives me my time and then at 2:40 we go pick up the girls from school! Then the true chaos begins! :)

Good Luck!