Friday, January 22, 2010

Dit-Da- a Boy and his Blankey

This is a picture of a happy boy. He is happy for many reasons. But mostly because he has his sidekick, his blanket, which I just found out last night is named Dit-Da. I think. It is kind of hard to understand, but it definitely is a two syllable name that starts with a D and ends with an A.
Last night we got home right around bed time and I asked J if he wanted some more milk before bed or if he just wanted to go Night-Night. He went to his bedroom door and said "Nigh-Nigh" and so I opened the door and he ran over to his crib and started looking in, then he started to say "Dit-Da....Dit-Da....Dit-Da" I noticed his blanket wasn't in his crib, but his secondary blanket was there and so I put him in bed and handed him the orange blanket with the blue trim. This apparently was not what he wanted because he started to cry.

I ran out of the room and down the stairs, grabbed his San Fransisco Giants blanket from the couch and then booked it back up stairs to J's room. He was standing in the corner of his crib reaching out with both arms, still saying "Dit-Da". He grabbed the blanket from me, said "Tanku", laid down and quietly fell asleep. He has slept without his blanket before, but I guess now that he has named it he can't bear to be apart from it. Ken and I both have our blankets, though we don't sleep with them anymore- I think they are in the cedar chest, for their protection.

I tried to get Blankets name on camera, this is the best I could do. I don't know why but I think this is a pretty special thing, it is the first time he has named something all on his own, I love it!
And yes, at the end he attacked the camera, apparently he really doesn't like the Momarazzi digging into his personal business and relationships.

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Jennifer Hatch said...

That's so precious that he's named his blanket already!