Monday, December 21, 2009

Where'd my Little Baby Go?

Last week I made a horrible realization. Little J's Curls are not coming back. I cut his hair a few months ago and as I cut off the precious curls I quietly said to myself, "They will grow back, They will grow back" and I realize now that I lied. This is a picture of J last week. Sure, it has a little bit of a wave too it, and if I work hard and use some product I can coax a few curls out, but it is just not the same.
So on Saturday night, I cut his hair again. Previously I have used the scissors on the top, or maybe I should say "Attempted" to use scissors, because I kind of like a little length, but this time I decided to make it easy on myself and use the clippers for everything. We used the largest guard we have, #8 or 1 inch, for the top and then #4 for the back and sides.

The first thing I realized it that J's hair didn't want to be cut that short. It would willingly flow right into the guard on the clippers and then somehow manage to get out without being cut! I guess I need lessons. I fixed the situation by holding on to the chunk of hair that I intended to cut so that it couldn't get away. Soon, my little baby looked like a scared little sheep that had been sheered for the first time.

When I went into his room the next morning I did a double take. Even worse when I picked him up from nursery I looked right at him and didn't recognize him. I guess I will get used to it, unless we start paying for someone else to cut his hair, this is what he is going to look like for the rest of his childhood. I am thankful for the little bit of a wave that his hair has, as my sweet cousin pointed out, that waviness will hide a multitude of his mothers hair cutting mistakes! He really is a Cute Little Boy, isn't he. I guess he is not my baby anymore.

Anyone know where I can find a new baby?


Hiccup MeL said...

First of all, you're awesome. Wait to take things into your own hands. Secondly... he looks so cute with the haircut. My sisters have always been amazed with how much older their boys look with a shorter haircut. He's a looker! ;)

Jennifer Hatch said...

He'll be a looker no matter how short/straight his hair is. You do a great job with cutting his hair!

Kristen said...

I did love his curls but his new cut is so perfect! Way to go!

I use #7 and #4 on my boys. It takes me several passes for all of it to cut so maybe I do it wrong too but it seems fine. =o)

My baby's about ready for a cut.

angee said...

I LOVE his new 'do!!! Seriously, he looks so handsome now! :)