Monday, December 28, 2009

It pays to Discover....the charges on your Statement.

Ken found, what we believe to be, TWO unauthorized charges on our credit card yesterday. I googled the name of the company and found out that somehow we had signed ourselves up for a Shopping Essentials Discount Club- for the price of $19.95 per month. I called Shopping Essentials and told them I felt the charges were fraudulent and wanted them to cancel my membership AND refund the two $19.95 charges, from 12/24 and 11/24. The associate who was helping me was very very willing to cancel my membership and refund ONE of the charges.

I then called Discover Card and asked if there was anything else that could be done, as I had no recollection of signing up for the service and I never used the service, is there a way that I could dispute the charge that the company was refusing to refund. I was told YES! It is so nice to talk to a Customer Service Agent who seems to want the best for you. She explained that since I had spoken to the Company - Shopping Essentials- and told them I felt the charges were fraudulent that they were responsible to refund up to 6 months of fees. She then told me that she would watch our account, and if after 15 days both charges had not been refunded she would open an investigation into the company and our charge and do her best to resolve it.

So Thank You, Summer, from the Utah office of Discover Card! You made our day just a little better. And Ken and I have learned that we really need to watch our statements closely each month, if we had found the first charge earlier we could have had it canceled before the second charge appeared and then we wouldn't have had to deal with disputing the charge. (That would be in a perfect world, unfortunately I found plenty of stories on-line that talked about charges continuing even after they had been assured that their membership had been cancelled. Summer said that she would watch out for extra charges).

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