Friday, October 30, 2009

There's a Vampire in My House!

Over the past few weeks I have been finding a red "Stampin' Dot" in odd locations around the house. I never found any ink spots anywhere- and especially never on Baby J. I figured he thought the ink was his toy, but that he didn't know how to get it open......that was a foolish thing to figure. Here is why.

This morning after breakfast, Baby J wanted to stay in kitchen and yell at the trees and leaves in the back yard. I went into the front room....after a while there was no more yelling....then there was no sound at all. I went to investigate.

And found this Vampire!
Doesn't he look Scary! you can almost see remnants of blood running down his chin, and that scowl! OHHHHH it sent chills down my spine. But then I realized it wasn't a Vampire at all, it was just Baby J, after he sucked on a small red ink pad.
Since taking these pictures I have scrubbed his face, hands and teeth. I got a lot of ink off- at least the wipes turned pink, but he still has beautiful red lips, a slight tinge of pink to his teeth and blood red thumbs......

Any tips for getting ink off skin?

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