Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Little Comedian

Baby J has been very entertaining the past few days. On Sunday we had the Sister Missionaries over to watch a session of Conference. Baby J felt that it would be a good time to preform, and so after he showed us; how he can dance on top of the coffee table, his great ability to be charitable and share at least one toy with each guest, how he can hit people in the face with a fly swatter (yeah, that one made me feel like a good mother), Ken took him over to his toy area and helped him play. Pretty soon he was emptying off shelves and doing this.......

Later at my Mothers house he showed us how he truly will be some lucky girls "Knight in blue plaid short-alls" someday. Isn't he handsome!
Yesterday I discovered jumping on the new couches. Lot's of static on those couches.

The pictures do his "Tesla coil" hairstyle no justice. I assure you, there was no product of ratting of this hair, just lots of jumping on and rubbing his head near the microfiber.
And Finally, the Coup d'Cupcake! Ken had a great idea for a Family Home Evening activity. We would make some treats and take them out to members of our Stake. He had 3 families in mind and thought that 24 cupcakes be just enough. I made the cupcakes on Sunday and then he frosted them after work on Monday put together 4 plates of 6 cupcakes each, covered them with plastic wrap and left them on the kitchen table. When I started dinner I saw them, 24 yummy cup cakes. I must have been really busy with dinner because I didn't even notice what happened next until I started to set the table.
My silly little boy turned stealthy and used his Ninja-like skills to score himself, not one, but TWO chocolate cupcakes with triple chocolate chunk icing. He somehow came into the kitchen, grabbed the treats and left the kitchen with out me noticing- this is an amazing feat because he is usually babbling to himself and saying "Ta Da" when he does something amazing. He then proceeded into the room where Ken was and was able to cross the room to his corner full of toys, climb up onto the old TV cabinet that is now his toy table and start to eat his treasures.
When I noticed the missing cupcakes I asked Ken if he had taken some out of the packages and set them aside. He asked if there were 2 missing, I said yes, he said that he hadn't taken them but he knew where they were. Cupcakes for dinner, what more could a little comedian ask for. My little stealthy ninja also did something quite miraculous, he didn't get a crumb of cupcake on the carpet, there were crumbs all around him where he sat eating, but no trail leading to him.


angee said...

Too funny!!!

Can't wait to see you next week!

krisha said...

I love this entry. You have to make sure and put it in his baby book!