Monday, March 16, 2009

Torture in America

Have you ever seen a baby with a cold? They have no shame, it doesn't bother them at all that huge ropes of snot are slowly making their way down the front of their face. They will even look up at you and smile, showing off their slimy little faces, and if you are a very unlucky individual, you will find that they enjoy wiping there faces on you! Our child is a sneaky little fellow, and Ken didn't realize he had been used as a nose wipe until much, much too late.

So, on to the Title, "Torture in America". Small children can not blow their noses, or so I have been told, and as they can not blow their noses, and yet still need to breath, the medical profession provides us with an amazing tool, I believe it is called a "Nose Bulb"(?) and I am pretty sure from the way my son reacts to the sight of me holding said nose bulb, that it could replace any and all forms of torture used around the world. I am pretty sure if my baby could talk, and had important information that he was unwilling to give up, just the sight of the nose bulb would be enough to make him spill the beans.Kleenex also is very very very offensive to one year old children- well maybe I should put that a little differently, Kleenex held by a parent is offensive to a one year old. After all, I think we all know, Kleenex found in the box by a one year old is an amazing toy, all the tissues must be freed from the box as quickly as possible.....or maybe that is their way of trying to get all the tissues dirty so that they are never used to sop up their snot......hmmm, these kids are smart.


Natalie said...

We were very lucky with Leah... she actually could blow her nose as a baby. Weird!

ShayLynn said...

So we were (are) not so lucky Ty is almost 5 and still struggles to blow his nose... but I can't fight a 5 year old to let me use the famous "blue bulb"... someday it will get better!!