Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Birthday Week

Kate's Big Day! Ken and I woke up super early on my birthday so that we could support our ward and participate in a 7 AM Sealing Session at the Temple. It was early but wonderful. Afterwards Ken took me to breakfast- I had waffles with lots of strawberries on top, Yum Yum Yum! Thanks to our wonderful neighbor for watching our baby so that we could start my birthday celebration so early. After we got home, I had a wonderful nap. Later that day we watched some movies and went on a walk. It was a simple birthday but a wonderful one.

Baby J's Day! We went to Wheeler farm with some of the babies Cousins. The Animals were stinky, but the company was great.
After the Farm, we picked up dad and headed to Wendy's where we had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa T and Cousin P and her family, (because Baby J and Cousin P share the same Birthday). Baby J really did enjoy his first taste of Chicken Nuggets, he enjoyed trying to dip them in sauce too, which is why the sauce is so far away from him. The weirdest part of dinner, the Baby didn't seem to like the Chocolate Frosty- I wondered if they had given me the wrong baby a year ago, then I remembered Ken doesn't like Chocolate....
We had slowly been collecting presents for the baby's birthday for months, in fact Ken had forgotten that we even had presents for him. Because we started early we were able to get some deals- like the Day after Thanksgiving find of $10 for 100 Mega Blocks- which we have already discovered are fun for the whole family. We also discovered that the week after Christmas is a great time to shop too, we got the Fisher Price Farm on Clearance at Target for $23. I saw the same farm on sale at Wal Mart last week for $30, I laughed inside and said "Take that Wal Mart! $23! Ha!" The baby loves his farm, as you can see.

Ken's Birthday- Because we had Stake Conference this week, Ken got to sleep in on his birthday too- until 7AM! He was then treated to a breakfast of Cinnamon Rolls, Eggs and Sausage. After which we rushed over to the Stake Center for choir practice. Ken was asked to lead the music in all the session of conference and it as all I could do not to scream "It's his Birthday" when he was standing there in front of our entire stake- and Elder Hales. Ken wanted Chicken and Rice for his birthday dinner and so I made sure that I was in charge of dinner at Mom's house so that I could make it for him. He is still waiting for his present from the Baby and Me, we are a little slow.
We blew out our candles, and then gave the baby a slice of the non chocolate cake, he put his hand in it and squished it around, and then he tried to attack the chocolate cake. Unfortunately the chocolate cake was actually covered with hard chocolate, so all the baby was able to do was pat it with his already messy cakey little hands, the cousins sure enjoyed watching, you can see Q there mimicking Baby J's repeated attacks of the chocolate cake.

We have Wonderful family- the Baby now has lots of new books, stacking toys, shirts and a chicken puppet (that he loves). Ken and I were given some wonderful presents too, but we don't want anyone to get jealous or covet or anything, so we will just keep that stuff to ourselves.

And last of all- Mother Nature is giving us a snow storm this morning, so far it is only sticking to cars and grass, but it is supposed to snow off and on all day long. Oh, Well, we had a couple of nice days of spring.....I hope my flowers don't die.


Michelle said...

happy birthday to the whole wheeler family! I forgot that you all got to celebrate so close together. :)

Is it possible that your sweet boy is a year old? How time flies!

P.s. Let's do the TEA party on Apr 15th!

Rachel said...

We have the same farm!! Although you got it for a steal and since we bought Spencer's at Christmastime...well, you get the idea.

Happy birthday to all of you!! So glad you had such lovely days.

We're up for Farm Country anytime the weather will allow. Just give me a holler. In fact, Spencer saw a commercial for Thanksgiving Point today and said "hey, I rode on that pony!"