Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tag...I'm it, I think. I have never been to good at Tag

6th Folder, 6th Picture..........
Do you recognize anyone in this picture? These are the three wise men (they dubbed themselves the 3 wiseguys- thus the Einstein look a like) from the 2005 Highland 14th Ward Christmas Pageant. Ken is the one on the right. He was originally cast as an angel, after all he is very angelic, and at the last moment was asked to fill in as a wise man too- good thing we had a fancy chenille blanket he could throw over his shoulder. Ken is willing to serve, wherever, whenever and however, especially if he gets to have fun while serving.

So, I guess I get to tag people now. I choose Alicia, Melanie, Christy, Arit (who may have already done this), Abby and You, if you want, no one is going to have any bad luck if they don't. Show us the 6th picture found in the 6th folder of pictures on your matter what it is.

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ShayLynn said...

Thanks for doing the tag... fun picture! I wasn't for sure which one was Ken so I am glad you clarified it for me!!!