Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A June Photo Dump :)

 The water restrictions were lifted and we finally got to try out the slip and slide that J won at school last year. He made it into the 100 mile club (running or walking 100 miles during the school year) and this was the grand prize from a raffle they held at the party for all the kids at the school who made it into the 100 mile club.
 I even broke out my swimsuit. We either don't have sufficient water pressure to make the slip and slide work as designed OR the slip and slide is broken, I was able to fix that by sitting at the top of the hill and spraying the slip and slide down with the hose as the kids played.
 FATHER'S DAY!!!!!! Can you tell how much we love this wonderful Daddy! The boys did their best to "gently" wake their daddy up on Father's day morning.
 Little E dances! She can't contain herself, when she hears music, she's just got to groove.
 We had a ward BBQ, it was held up at Mutual Dell which is a Picnic and Camping site up American Fork Canyon. Within 5 minutes both of our boys had fallen and scraped themselves up quite well. They inherited this talent from me.
 B loved "hiking".
 E loved eating.
 J loved making S'mores.
 Actually the Ward BBQ was a Ward Camp-out. We didn't camp because the next day I had a Half Marathon. It was the AF Canyon Run Against Cancer. It was awesome. I got a new personal best. 2:07:45. My previous best- set in October of 2011 was 2:13:59. Maybe in 4 more years I'll break 2 hours?!?! Maybe
 After my race was over, we played around for a while at American Fork High School- where the finish line and Kneaders Breakfast was.
 They boys also had their own Half that day- the Kids Half Mile. They were excited to get their own medals AND treats.

 Later that same day we visited with some friends. They have REALLY COOL TOYS- Including this kid motorcycle. J was in heaven.
And that is some of the awesome fun we had in June!

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