Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Break

 My little J doesn't know how good he has it, he gets a "Fall Break" in the middle of October. I never got a Fall Break, at least I don't remember ever having 3 days off school in the middle of October. Anyway, as much as I wasn't so sure that I wanted to go back to both the boys at home ALL DAY.....I gave into the fact that school and preschool were both closed and we tried to have some fun.

My idea of fun lately is getting at least one chore done (sometimes, that's just the dishes) and then resting and reading and so on and so forth. BUT I had an idea, I wanted to take J on a date. So on Thursday we dropped B off at Grandma's house to play with cousin C and J and I made a trip to Applebee's.

J asked me to take this picture of him, he really really wanted to show you the crayons he got with his kids menu.
 He ordered a corn dog with a side of applesauce. That's my boy! He then slid down as low as he could in his seat.....I don't know if he was embarrassed to be on a date with his Mom or if he was just enjoying all the space that was available when Dad and little brother aren't around :)
 After he finished his meal he laid down....sneaked to the edge of the booth and started staring at the people next to us.
 I had to get proof that I was there too. My sweet J and I had a really fun lunch date.
 On Saturday all the boys got haircuts. For the first time ever the boys did NOT sit on Ken's lap while I cut their hair. I sat them down on top of a 5 gallon flour bucket which was on top of a kitchen chair, admittedly not the safest place to sit BUT it worked really well. Little B usually puts up quite a fuss during haircuts, but this time he was great pretty much 90% of the time, and at one point he even told me that he could cut his own hair. So I let him......he didn't actually cut anything but he sure enjoyed pretending.
 Aren't they handsome! I love these boys SO MUCH!!!!! I can't believe how big they are and I KNOW that they are only getting bigger everyday. Someday they will both be 6 foot tall men, I hope they love each other then too.
 We then headed out to the movies! We saw Monsters University. It was awesome :) and I think, for me, the best part was watching how excited the boys were. Every 15 minutes of so B would say "Mommy? We're at the MOVIE THEATER!!!!!!"

 J's been to a few movies, he's pretty much an old pro and he did great. I kept thinking about the first time I took him to a movie, when he was about 3, and he danced in the aisle and didn't really pay much attention to what was going on on the screen.
 Today we painted pumpkins. The boys had lots of fun. I gave them about 5 colors of acrylic paint and a sponge. I envisioned the boys painting faces, or polka dots.......
 I guess sometimes I forget that they are still pretty little. B was amazingly happy with how his pumpkin turned out. So I'm happy with it too.
 J's slightly resembles a face :)
 And J very much resembles least my amazing ability to look FANTASTIC in pictures.
Tomorrow school starts again for both boys and I have my 34 week appointment. here's to hoping that baby is growing and doing well! I can tell you this about my little baby, she is trying to escape, unfortunately she is trying to force her way out of the right side of my upper abdomen. She is coming closer to touching my ribs- something I don't remember either boy ever doing. She's awesome!

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