Thursday, October 28, 2010

Very Superstitious

I started running again about a month ago, I decided to wear a hat. I found a hat by the front door, it was a Giants hat. I started to believe that I needed to wear that hat when I ran so that the Giants would win. They didn't always win, but they won enough to entrench me in my new superstition. Sadly, I am really starting to believe that if I don't at least attempt to run with the hat on, on a game day, the Giants will lose.

Can you blame me? They made it into the World Series didn't they? Yep, that is pretty much because of me.

Now that the World Series has started, my Superstition has grown. It now includes what the baby wears on game days. Yesterday he wore a cute little white Giants onsie- and today- (even though it is still a home game) he is wearing this nice little gray number. How could they lose with a fan This Cute! They Can't!!! Look how happy he is to support them!
This next picture isn't about superstitions, but rather it is about how long the memory of a 2.5 year old boy is. Last Saturday we hosted the friendly neighborhood plumber in our home for a few hours. He spent a while laying in front of the sink, cabinet doors open, heater vent removed..... can you guess what I saw when I walked into the kitchen a few minutes ago. By the time I got camera and took some pictures, the vent was back on, but I assure you, Little J looked like a tiny version of our Plumber Friend.
Maybe he is contemplating Plumbing as a Career....I was just saying yesterday that we were going to start training our boys to become professional baseball players, that their careers would be our retirement program. I guess we better keep saving money on our own, I don't think Plumbing is quite as lucrative.

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