Monday, October 18, 2010

Farmer J!

Do you see him? Farmer J? Out there working to tame the wild backyard. It used to be wilder, Ken worked hard this weekend (Thanks Ken) but I know that I could do much more, a little trimming here, a little more love and attention there. Next year....Next year it will be a beautiful retreat. (I think I say that every year.) Do you see my one pumpkin? I think it is a pumpkin, the plant was labeled as such when I bought it, but the one pumpkin it produced was never ever green. It was white, It has started to turn an orange-yellow. I am going to pick it in a week or two an put it out on the front porch, I grew it just for that purpose and pumpkin or not it is going to decorate!
Today, Farmer J picked some more tomatoes for me. I love how the one in the cab of the tractor looks like a watermelon. Maybe next year I will try growing melons. mm-mm, yum.
I am grateful for my little back yard, I am especially grateful the new (used and free) window-well cover that allows me to be more comfortable letting J play out there on his own.

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