Thursday, February 18, 2010

Since we last met....

We went bowling! With the help of bumpers and the bowling ball ramp, little J was able to beat both of his parents scores, breaking 100 both games. Ken and I are not great bowlers, and we didn't have a ramp or bumpers.

Some things we learned while bowling with J-
1. Someone must be with J at all times, this helps prevent things like J running down the slippery lane and Ken having to chase him, it also prevents J from sticking his head in the ball return, and finally it prevents J from running around the entire alley while screaming with Joy. Not that screaming with joy is a bad thing, real professional looking bowlers don't really appreciate it though.
2. Two games is too much for a little kid.
3. It is really hard to bowl while holding a 30 pound kid on your hip.

So that was bowling.

So many wonderful and fun things have happened over the past 2 weeks but unfortunately we didn't take too many pictures. We were happy to be able to visit with Wheeler Siblings and Cousins last weekend. J LOVED having more people to follow around.

While preparing for our visitors I found some more gently used cousin clothes that fit J. Here is my current favorite. The front has a football, and the back says this-

And it wouldn't be a full week without J's pictures of the day

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