Monday, August 17, 2009


I have a really cute nephew, who, when he was about 3 or 4, would call him self "Tupid". We figured out what he meant pretty quickly and told him over and over again, "You're not Stupid, You are Smart", being a smart kid he started to say "I'm Marts!" Love that Kid!

So anyway, Baby J loves glasses, as do most babies. Yesterday he was sitting on my lap, trying desperately to get my glasses. I decided to help him, the best of both worlds really, he gets to play with my glasses and I don't have to go buy new ones. This is the result.
He looks pretty Marts doesn't he! Got to love that kid. One of his favorite things to do at Sam's Club or Costco is try on the little kid glasses, I really should bring the camera with me next time.


Hiccup MeL said...

He is too cute!! Love the glasses look!

Rachel said...

We discovered that reading glasses from the dollar store do the trick. The lenses aren't too strong, or you can pop them out, and since they're only a dollar, no big deal when they bend and break.

I have some killer pictures of Spencer wearing his so fancy animal print glasses....yes, from the dollar store.