Thursday, August 13, 2009

An Extended Weekend

We went to Colorado last weekend to spend time with Friends and Family. As you will remember, (or see in the next post down) Baby J Loves Water, and so he was pleased to find this pool to play in at a party we attended.

He paid no attention to the LAKE just yards away, I can only assume that he liked the toys in the pool better than toys he saw out in the lake.

This picture doesn't really show the pure joy that baby felt while in the itty bitty bounce house they brought out right before we left the party.

After leaving the lake we headed out to watch "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" with Ken's brother Tim and his Family. Baby J stayed at Tim's house with the rest of the kids, he refused to take a nap and "Marked" a large section of carpet as "His Territory" while his babysitter was looking for diaper cream......he also "Marked" his clothing and we forgot to pack extra clothes in the diaper bag. So when we returned from the movie, his babysitter (who happens to be our Sister-in-Law's Sainted Mother) explained that he was a very good boy, despite peeing on the carpet and not napping. This is what was waiting for us in the back yard........his cousin closest in age and size is a 2 year old girl,
so this is Baby J's first experience with Cross Dressing. I think he looks pretty cute.

We stayed with our friends Brent and Andrea and their children, here is one of my favorite pictures, these two boys were born just a couple of days apart, they are pretty much the same height and Baby J is only a couple pounds heavier, by the end of our stay, they were pretty good friends. It was very fun to watch them interact.

On our way home I talked Ken into stopping for lunch. What do you think, does this boy look tired? Tired of being strapped in to his car seat. We all enjoyed our lunch and once we were back on the road Baby J and I both fell asleep. When Baby J woke up he started screaming, he would not be consoled. I told Ken that I thought he must have been having a dream that he was home, and when he woke up and found himself STILL IN THE CAR he just couldn't handle it anymore. We told him we were sorry, that we would be home soon, and he calmed down.

It was good to be home, sleeping in our own beds. Baby J slept all night for the first night in days. Then on Tuesday he came down with a fever......good thing we are home, I guess. Last night his fever hit 104.4- More on that after it is all over.

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