Saturday, February 27, 2016


About a week ago, my neighbor commented that I had the most delicate ankles she had ever seen.  Well, on Thursday my right ankle decided to say "Hey! Hey You! I'm delicate! Pay attention to me."

Yep, I was walking out to the van, taking my Kindergartner to school and going to the school to volunteer myself. I stepped off the curb.......and OUCH I was falling/rolling my ankle. My purse landed in a puddle, I landed on wet asphalt. I was able to scramble my way off the asphalt and sit on the curb while I tried to breath deeply and prayed that he pain would go away. My two youngest kids were in the van, they watched me fall, they told me I would be okay, then they asked "Mommy? Are you hurt?" Sadly, I had to say that yes, yes I was hurt. I eventually got myself and both kids back into the house and I decided that I wasn't going anywhere.  These first two pictures were taken pretty soon after I got back inside. My delicate ankle- was swollen, from my point of view it kind of looked dislocated, it wasn't, but it was most definitely sprained. 

 I let the teachers know that I wasn't going to make it to school that day. My wonderful neighbor took B to school and picked him back up from the bus stop when he got home. E tried her best not to take advantage of the fact that Mommy wasn't getting out of bed, but she wasn't able to stop herself from throwing popcorn around the front room, that just HAD to be done.

I stayed off my foot as much as I possibly could. J made dinner (his first attempt at frozen burritos) while Ken did his running for the day. I was given a blessing by Ken and our Home Teacher. I felt comforted, this sprain will heal more quickly than my last sprain. I've set some big goals this year, running a race per month- In fact my next race is in just 2 1/2 weeks. I am really excited about that race because it's the Rex Lee Run and one of my neighbors sponsored me and I'll be wearing the name of her friend who recently lost her fight with cancer. I don't feel like I need to worry about not being able to meet my goals.

In the past, with the approval of my doctor, I've run a 10k about 3 weeks after spraining an ankle. As I went to bed on Thursday night I had the thought that maybe I could switch from the 10k to the 5k. Friday morning I looked it up and I have about a week to decide if I want to do the 5k or even just the 1k. Being able to switch races is a big blessing to me- because I still get to run in honor of my friend's friend, but I also get to take care of myself and not push myself harder than I should.

Another Blessing- My 7 year old, J, made breakfast on Friday, he fried eggs for everyone. My boys were both able to get dressed and off to school without me having to get out of bed! I was able to Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate.

Another Blessing- I watch a little boy who is about E's age every Friday. I was a little worried about how I was going to handle two very adventurous 2 year old kids all day long while I was trying to rest. He didn't arrive at the regular time and so I sent his mother a text, she had the day off of school!

More blessings came- another neighbor invited E over to her house for a few hours, she also picked B up from the bus stop (if an adult isn't there to pick up the kindergartner they have to stay on the bus and are taken back to the school) I was able to stay on my bed, Rest, Ice, use a Compression bandage and Elevate my leg. I was also able to use my boot from last year to get to the freezer for ice packs AND for lunch- yep, for lunch we ate a baked from frozen baguette and tater-tots. Easy to make while laying on a bed :) Also delicious.

So, now we are on day 3, the last day, of R.I.C.E. I tried to convince the kids to help clean the house- Money was involved. It didn't work. Sad. BUT I've still got high hopes that giving my ankle this time to heal will be of worth and that I will only be losing 1 or 1.5 weeks of running compared to the 8 weeks last summer. 

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