Monday, September 8, 2014

See Kate Run, Running Around in Circles!

On August 30th I ran the Murdock Half Marathon. Jared made me as sign- it says Go Go Mom!
 My goal was to cross the finish line with a time faster than 2 hours 26 minutes. According to my watch I was 2:25 (once you pass an hour it stops counting seconds) According to the official race time I was 2:26.01.....I'm going by my watch :) My watch is always right!

It was a hard run. I didn't bring my hydration belt because races have aid/water stations. But for me, the water stations were a little too far apart and I felt dehydrated and tired. I would like to run this course again sometime WITH my hydration belt. I'm pretty sure I could easily beat 2:25, maybe I could get close to 2:20, that would be awesome. The only problem is, it starts and ends at two different locations. Still working on the logistics for how I could make this personal 1/2 marathon happen, BUT I hope to do it in late September or early October. I'll let you know how it goes.
 This past weekend, the whole family participated in the "Run for her life, the Susan Sandoval Run for Ovarian Cancer". Ken's boss is an Ovarian Cancer Survivor, she let everyone at work know about this charity race and we thought it would be fun to go down and participate. We were more than happy to be able to support her. Our group included two other coworkers from Ken's department at work. It was a rainy wet run, but it was good. I ran, I completed 3 laps around Sugarhouse Park for a total of 4.2 miles. Ken and J walked and pushed B and E in the stroller. I caught up with them as I finished my second lap, then I kept going and Ken and the Kids met me at the finish line after I completed my 3rd lap. I made really good time, I like running at Sugarhouse Park and it's always fun to run races that support women's causes.
A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about working out for 60 minutes per day. I have to admit, that post was actually meant for my other blog. I've had a second blog on which I document my weight loss and my general road to, and hope for, good health. I don't know that anyone ever really sees that blog. But I had a friend who commented and the misplaced blog post and so I figure it was always meant to be here on this blog. If you are interested in checking out my other blog, here is my latest post from See Kate Run


Angee said...

Kate! You are so THIN!!! I haven't seen you in forever! Great job!!

angee said...

Kate, You are so THIN!! I haven't see you in forever! Great job!