Monday, December 12, 2011

Craft Time!

I have a friend and former neighbor named Angee, she is very creative. So creative in fact that she was invited by a local TV show to share a craft idea. This is what she did- 

I thought is was easy enough that I could do it, and this morning I felt like J and I needed to get crafty! I realized that I had everything we needed to do our very own version of this craft, and so we got to it. I even let J do quite a bit of the work. He was SO HAPPY, it made me happy. (I watched Angee make these on the TV, and then I just did it from memory, I am really pleased with our final product!)
We used 12 x 12 card-stock- because that's what we had on hand. and I let J paint the entire paper blue, he used a sponge and he did an amazing job.
Then we painted a white hill (and with the help of a little glue- because we waited a little too long) we put some glitter on to make the snow POP!
I think this next part was J's favorite. We painted feet...............
And then we stepped on the painted paper.
I decided we would do this craft every year or so. This year I would decorate and as the boys get older they would start to decorate their snowmen on their own (when they can be trusted with sharpies.....not sure how many years that will take). So we made 2 foot print snowmen creations today. I am thinking I will give this one to my Mommy.
And you guessed it, This one will go to Daddy's office, and then I will keep it for future decorating purposes.  Do you like how the Baby Snowman has a San Francisco Giants fleece hat on? I do! Sometimes I AMAZE myself!
And truthfully this was so easy and fun that we might make some more tomorrow. J told me that he would like to make some Penguins too, we just might try it. It's way too much fun to get our craft on.....well, now I really need to clean and exercise and get dressed....., I just wanted to share, we had a fun day today.


angee said...

Wow! Thanx for the great shout-out! I loved seeing the step-by-step process!! And my segment must have been thorough if you did it all from memory! Thanx, Kate! This made my day! :)

Rachel said...

What a fantastic grandparent gift idea. I'm totally doing this with my kids. Thanks to your pal Angee for the idea...and thanks to you for posting about it on your blog!

Kristen said...

Aw, you're a super cute mom.