Monday, November 15, 2010

We are not alone

We are Children of God. We lived with him. We were spirits. We were eternal beings. But we were different from him. He had progressed farther than us, he had a body. He gave us the chance to gain a body, to live, to choose, to become more like him, to obey him. We would make mistakes, that was always known, and so a Savior we be provided for us, Our Brother, Jesus Christ. And when our time on earth ended, we would return to our true home, to our Father and our Savior.

Last night, my sweet Grandpa went home.
(thanks to Abby for this picture)

I can only imagine how sweet the reunion was, when he saw my Grandma, or when he once again saw his Son and his Grandson, all the loved ones who made it home before he did. I am sad, because I am left behind, I don't know when I will see them again, but I do know that I will, someday, be with them. I am happy, to know, so deeply, that he is not gone forever. We lived before this life, and we still live- as ourselves, us really us, not some new form, some reincarnation with no remembrance of our former life- after this mortal life is passed.

There was a sweet peace in my home this morning. Both children slept well, through the night and amazingly, I slept well too. The peace whispered to my soul that we were not alone, that all through the night Angels had watched over us. I smiled. When little J woke up I asked him if Angels had visited him last night. He said yes. I asked him if Grandma and Grandpa had come to visit him. He said yes. I asked him if they told him to give his Mommy, their grandchild, a hug. He said yes, and then he hugged me. I know that a 2 year old can be swayed by the power of suggestion, they are not the best witnesses. I may never know what miracles truly happened in my home last night, at least during this life. But I hope, I pray, that someday when I make it home and the veil is lifted from my mind, I will be able to remember this night and maybe I will see that my loved ones had been here with me and my family. Maybe my Angels will be able to share their memories with me.

Until then, I will live. I will do all I can to be ready to return home someday. To be worthy and prepared for my own sweet reunion.


angee said...

So sorry about your grandpa. I lost my grandma earlier this year. Bittersweet moments. You're in my thoughts!

Angie said...

what a tender post. And what a tender angels moment with J. I have had too many assurances of the angels that encircle our little ones on a daily basis to take your exchange with J at anything but face value. What a wonderful gift to be wrapped in such love. As difficult as parting is, the knowledge of the Plan makes it all worth it. Thanks for sharing.