Tuesday, March 16, 2010

All Boy, All the Time

Here is a picture of a rare moment. J sitting down, contemplating life. Well I assume he was contemplating life, I guess he could have been planning his next escape. He made plenty of escapes attempts and even had a few successful escapes yesterday. He also had way to much fun playing outside, so much fun that he kept asking for more. I loved to see that sign used for something other than food. (He also has started using it for the Educational Videos we have been watching, which makes me smile. Funny He never asks for more news programs....)
With the warm weather we have had lately (warm being near 60!) we have spent much more time outside, and I have discovered some amazing things about my boy. I knew he liked to climb. He will climb anything in the house. But at the park? I thought he would be a little more, um, scared, I am not sure that is the word. But anyway. We have a park directly behind our house. I have kept this a secret from J, he has always been taken to the park "The Long Way" but yesterday I did some yard work in our back yard and he did some discovering while I was out there. It actually took him a while to notice the open gate, but once he peeked out and saw the park I saw the light go on in his head. He looked at me, looked at the park, looked at me and then tried to make a run for it. Luckily we had some friends there with their kids and Ken asked one of them if she could watch J while we pruned the roses. (I pruned, i.e. cut back 90% of the plant while Ken hauled away pile after pile of thorny trash). And our Boy loved every minute of it.

Now we are having a hard time keeping him inside. I think this is going to be a good thing. The Vitamin D is going to be nice, and so is the interaction with other kids his age. Though I don't feel like I interact well with the parents, because I am constantly chasing down a 2 year old and, or, coaxing him away from the edge of the top of the play structure. He really is all boy, all the time, and I love him.


Angie said...

I took M to the park by Bam's preschool this morning and when we rounded the corner in sight of it, she said "Climb! Oh Mommy, Climb!" Not park, not slide, run, swing or anything else that is a park, but climb. And she did climb, all over the parts of the park that are too old for her and everywhere I would let her. This kid may well be the death of me. And it sounds like J is headed in the same developmental direction. Good luck having the park right behind your house!

mj4toty said...

I can't believe how big little J is getting! He's going to be big J soon enough! He's always such a cutie and such an adventurer! How's little M doing (M standing for little muffin in the oven...)? Hope all is well!

Kristen said...

Oh my heart ached as this brought back memories. My own little boy on that same little playground. Don't let him grow up, don't.