Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rollover Beethoven

The baby rolled over today- without assistance from a parent or gravity. The picture shows his proud smile just seconds after he did it.

The sweet boy normally waits until his Daddy has been gone for a half hour or more before he decided to wake up, but today he had big plans and wanted Daddy to be here to see his show. So instead of sleeping until 7 he woke up at 5:45, he wasn't hungry, he was smiling and about as adorable as anyone can be at that hour of the morning. We spent some time smiling at Dad as he got ready for work and then I put him down on the blanket in the front room while I made a shopping list. As is quite normal lately, within moments of being placed on his back he had rolled onto his side, but something was different this time, his legs seemed to want to keep going and soon his belly and then his shoulders followed, his arm was underneath him and he quickly pulled it out and then looked up at his stunned parents. I was amazed at how easily he did it. It must have taken a lot out of him, because he has taken two naps t his morning both more than two hours long. What a wonderful boy.

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